Washington, D.C. Electric Scooter Accident Lawyers

As a novel alternative to bicycles, the electric scooter has gained popularity as a fast and easily accessible transportation method. For an increasing number of users, however, the risk of injury has proven to be greater than the convenience of a quick ride. At May Lightfoot, PLLC in Washington, D.C., our personal injury attorneys represent riders, pedestrians and other individuals injured in accidents involving e-scooters. We are determined to help scooter accident victims throughout D.C. and Maryland seek fair compensation from the parties responsible for the harm they’ve suffered. Contact us online or at (202) 919-6463 for a free case evaluation.

The Dangers of Electric Scooters in Washington, D.C.

The electric scooter ridesharing system has seen growing use since the 2017 release of e-scooters by companies Bird and Lime. Through a phone app, users are able to pay for and access available scooters, which they can drive to and leave behind at other locations. While simple to use, scooters present notable risks due to a relatively high maximum speed of 15 mph combined with unsafe practices by users, such as riding on busy sidewalks or leaving scooters on the ground in high-traffic areas. Reports indicate that as many as 1,500 riders, pedestrians and other people have sustained head trauma, bone fractures and other injuries in scooter accidents.

We vigorously pursue claims by injured riders, pedestrians and others hurt as a result of e-scooter accidents. While e-scooter companies have developed improved safety features for their vehicles over time, the potential for injury remains. Accident victims often face obstacles in taking legal action to win compensation. Liability waivers and assumption of risk clauses in rental agreements create a high bar to lawsuits, but the renting company may still be liable if the scooter is in a poor state of repair and the company failed to remedy the problems.

How Our Tort Lawyers Defend Electric Scooter Injury Victims

If you have been injured by use of an e-scooter, our mass tort lawyers can determine whether product defects or a lack of adequate warnings were contributing factors. Among the problems that have been identified are overheating batteries, brake malfunctions, sticking throttles, poor weight distribution, defective handlebars, uneven wheels and faulty or inadequate lights.

If any of these product defects are found to have led to injuries even when the e-scooters were being used as intended, riders may be eligible for compensation from manufacturers and distributors. Another basis of liability is when any person or company in the chain of distribution fails to warn of any dangers that may result when using the products. You can be confident that we will take the necessary steps to hold all potentially responsible parties liable to compensate you for your injuries.

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