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Losing your loved one to a workplace accident is devastating. You may be left with unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses and unsure where to turn for help. The workplace death attorneys at May Lightfoot, PLLC, want to help ease your burden.

Our workplace death attorneys can help ensure you recover the maximum compensation available for your loved one’s injuries and help you move forward with the next chapter of your lives as comfortably as possible. The attorneys at May Lightfoot, PLLC, are:

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How an Experienced Workplace Death Attorney Can Help

When you retain the workplace death attorneys at May Lightfoot, PLLC, we stand beside you from the very beginning of your claim until the completion of your case. We make sure all of your questions are answered and you are comfortable with the claims process and its proceedings.

The workplace death attorneys at May Lightfoot, PLLC, also:

  • Handle all aspects of your workplace death claim so you can focus on grieving;
  • Ensure any third parties are held responsible for your loved one’s death;
  • Collect the evidence needed to build a strong workers’ compensation or wrongful death claim;
  • Ensure you receive all the workers’ compensation benefits which you are entitled; and
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with or take any third party to court on your loved one’s behalf.

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Causes of Workplace Death in Washington, D.C.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, reports an average of twelve work-related fatalities throughout the United States every day.  The leading four causes of workplace death annually, the “fatal four” according to OSHA, are the following:

  • Approximately 36.5% of all deaths in the workplace occurred due to employees falling;
  • Struck by an Object. An estimated 10.1% of deaths occurred due to swinging, falling, or misplaced objects;
  •  About 8.6% of employees died due to electrocution; and
  • Caught-in or Caught-between.  Employees caught in or between machines, devices, or tools causing death accounted for about 2.5% of deaths.

Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Death

In Washington, D.C., the surviving dependents of workers who die on the job are eligible for death benefits.  Surviving dependents include:

  • The deceased worker’s surviving spouse or domestic partner;
  • Surviving children under the age of 18;
  • Children who are incapable of supporting themselves because of a physical or mental disability; and
  • Full-time students under age 23.

If there is no spouse, partner, or child who meets these criteria, it’s possible that benefits could be provided to a parent, grandparent, sibling, or grandchild who was financially dependent on the deceased worker.

An eligible survivor can receive benefits based on a maximum amount set each year that is contingent upon the worker’s average weekly wage at the time of their death.  The spouse or domestic partner receives 50% of the worker’s average weekly wage if there are no children until the spouse or partner remarries or enters into a new partnership.  If that happens, the survivor can receive a lump-sum payment of two year’s worth of benefits instead of weekly benefits.

If there is a spouse or partner and child, the survivor would receive an additional 17% for each child up to a maximum of 67% of the deceased workers’ wages.  If the survivor remarries or re-partners, the child would receive 50% of the wages, and multiple children would receive 66.67%.  If there’s a child but no spouse or partner, the child is entitled to 50% of the wages, and multiple children would share 67%.

The family of a deceased worker in the District of Columbia is entitled to funeral costs up to $5,000.

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